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Laser Nail Treatment Specialist

Front Range Foot and Ankle Clinic

Daniel Mallett, DPM

Podiatrist & Wound Care Specialist located in Parker, CO

Toenail fungus is a common issue, affecting around 10% of all Americans and 50% of adults over 70. If you have discolored, crumbling, thickened, or ragged nails, it’s most likely a treatable fungus. At Front Range Foot and Ankle Clinic, leading podiatrist Daniel Mallett, DPM, uses cutting-edge laser nail treatment to safely and effectively fight this frustrating fungus. Learn more about this FDA-approved solution by calling the Parker, Colorado, office or using online scheduling.

Laser Nail Treatment Q&A

What are the signs of toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus causes major changes in your nails, including:


Fungal toenails usually appear white, yellow, or brown. The discoloration may appear in patches that then grow to cover the nail. 


Fungal toenails often grow much thicker, making them hard to trim and file.

Nail bed separation

Fungal nails can partially detach from the skin beneath them.

Texture changes

Toenail fungus usually causes texture changes, such as ragged edges, powdery surface, or cracking throughout the nail.

Toenail fungus symptoms may start in one nail, but the fungus can easily spread to the other nails.

What is laser nail treatment?

Laser nail treatment is a cutting-edge solution for toenail fungus. Dr. Mallett performs this treatment in the Front Range Foot and Ankle Clinic office, with sessions short enough to fit into your lunch hour. 

Dr. Mallett uses an FDA-approved laser that targets the fungus with carefully controlled heat. This destroys the fungus without removing or harming your nail or skin. 

How does laser nail treatment work?

First, Dr. Mallett mechanically thins out the affected nail, which allows him to more easily access the fungus using the laser. Then, while you relax, Dr. Mallett moves the laser handpiece over each of your nails in turn. 

There's a clicking noise as the laser pulses, and you might feel some warmth beneath your nail. Dr. Mallett checks on your comfort level during treatment, and he can make adjustments if the laser gets too hot for you. Your comfort is important to Dr. Mallett, so don't be afraid to speak up.

What are the advantages of laser nail treatment?

Laser nail treatment offers some impressive benefits, especially when you compare it to traditional methods of fungal nail treatment. These benefits include:

  • No bloodwork before your treatment
  • No worries about drug interactions
  • No worries about liver damage
  • Quick 30-minute sessions in the office

Oral antifungal medications can be effective, but they can also potentially cause liver problems as well as having dangerous interactions with certain other drugs. 

How many laser nail treatments will I need?

A series of laser nail treatments yields the best results. Dr. Mallett recommends three treatments, spaced one month apart, to complete your treatment course in 90 days.

Learn more about how laser nail treatments can fight your fungus by calling the Front Range Foot and Ankle Clinic office or using online booking.